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Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough Cheat Engine with In-Game Cheats Game Of The Year

Ayumilove Ultimate Cobless Build in Survival Endless

This is my survival endless build, it allows you to farm many coins.
How my ultimate build works? First, it doesn’t use any cob cannon
therefore its called cobless build. This build requires :
1a) 22 x Repeaters ($200) = $4400
1b) 22 x Gatling Pea ($250) = $5500
2a) 04 x Torchwood ($175) = $700
3a) 12 x Melon-pult ($300) = $3600
3b) 12 x Winter Melon ($200) = $2400
4a) 02 x Sunflower ($50) = $100
4b) 02 x Twin Sunflower ($150) = $300
5a) 08 x Fume Shroom ($75) = $600
5b) 08 x Gloom Shroom ($150) = $1200
5c) 08 x Coffee Bean ($75) = $600
6a) 04 x Umbrella Leaf ($100) = $400
7a) 04 x Spikeweed ($100) = $400
7b) 04 x Spikerock ($125) = $500
8a) 18 x Lily Pad ($25) = $450
8b) 02 x Cattail ($225) = $550
9a) 50 x Pumpkin ($125) = $6250
Spikerock is an upgrade of Spikeweed.
Spikerocks are the key to delay gargantuar, giga gantuar and
instantly destroys vehicles (basketball truck and zomboni ice truck) Spikerock can take up to 9 hits from gargantuar or pop up 9 vehicle wheels before it finally disappears. Spikeweed on the other hand will be destroyed instantly from gargantuar hit and vehicle wheel.
Torchwood is used to aid gatling pea to deal double damage.
Torchwood is never used with ice peashooter because it will cancel its ice
Gatling Pea
Gatling Pea is an upgrade of Repeater, often aided by Torchwood.
Gatling Pea are the key used to kill gargantuar, giga gargantuar (red eye), jack-in-the-box (exploding zombie), zomboni (ice truck) quickly before they deal too much damage. Winter Melon can’t do as much damage as gatling pea since it does 4 damage with half speed of pea shooter. (making it 2 damage similarly to repeater)
You will need 4 gatling pea in row 1, 2, 5, 6.
Total damage per second:
4 gatling pea x 4 shots x 2 (torchwood) = 32 hits.
Winter Melon
Winter Melon are used to slow zombies attack and movement by half. This allows your spikerock to survive longer while gargantuar are attacking them. Using multiple winter melon for damage does not clear masses of zombies as quickly as gatling pea.
Cattail are mainly used to take out those balloon zombies.
Gloom Shroom
Gloom Shroom are used to kill all water zombies including dolphin rider. Sometimes zombies just suddenly appear from water without them jumping into the pool. 3 columns of gloom shroom easily defeat those sudden zombie appearance at column 6,7,8,9 at row 3 and 4.
Gold Magnet
Gold Magnet is used to collect coins dropped by zombies. I wonder why zombies have those coins in the first place. Two gold magnet is sufficient to collect all coins left on the ground.
Umbrella Leaf
Umbrella Leaf is mainly used to take care of basketball truck that lobs basketball which directly kills plants within the pumpkin. Football truck targets plants at the furthest back row. Umbrella leaf also takes care of bungee zombies that interferes with the offense plants and prevent them from stealing the plants from your garden.
Twin Sunflower
Twin sunflower are used to generate sufficient sunshine to repair pumpkins and renew spikerock.

Ayumilove Gloom Garlic Strategy

This is my strategy that uses 5 slots of plants which are:
gloom shroom, fume-shroom, coffee bean, squash, garlic.
Garlic is used to divert zombies to other lane.
Coffee bean is used to waken mushrooms that sleeps in morning
To create a gloom shroom, it requires fume and gloom.
Squash is used to buy some time in the early levels to gain sufficient sunshine to establish the gloom shroom.

Plant Vs Zombie In-Game Cheats

Type These Codes In At Any Time While Playing The Game.
Some cheats below requires Tree of Wisdom to be
at certain height (feet or ft). You can increase your
Tree of Wisdom Height by fertilizing it with $2500 tree fertilizer.
daisies : Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed (100 feet)
dance : Zombies move by dancing instead of walking (500 feet)
pinata : A shower of candy when a zombie dies (1000 feet)
trickedout : Alternate Lawn Mower appearance
future : Gives zombies futuristic shades
sukhbir : toggles the zombie’s call for brains-sound
Mustache: Zombies Now Have Mustaches
slowboke : Make zombie walk slowly

Attaching Cheat Engine to Plant vs Zombie (PVZ)

1) Run Cheat Engine 5.5 or later.
2) Click Process in the Menu Bar.
3a) Select “popcapgame1.exe” from the list.
3b) If you can’t find it, try “PlantsVsZombies.exe”.

Infinity Health for Plants

0) Follow steps above for Attaching Cheat Engine to PVZ
1) Click Memory View.
2) Right-click on any addresses.
3) Select “Go To Address”.
4) Type 0052FCF0 into the textbox.
5) Right-click on the result you found.
6) Select “Replace with code that does nothing”.

Instant Recharge / Refill for Plants

For Plants vs Zombies (before GOTY)
0) Follow steps above for Attaching Cheat Engine to PVZ
1) Click Memory View.
2) Right-click on any addresses.
3) Select “Go To Address”.
4) Type 0048728C into the textbox.
5) Double-click on the result you found to edit.
6) Change add dword ptr [edi + 24],01 to add dword ptr [edi + 24],200
7) Click Yes in the Confirmation Box
For Plants vs Zombies (Game Of The Year – Version
0) Follow steps above for Attaching Cheat Engine to PVZ
1) Click Memory View.
2) Right-click on any addresses.
3) Select “Go To Address”.
4) Type 00491E4C into the textbox.
5) Double-click on the result you found to edit.
6) Change “inc [edi+24]” to “add [edi+24],200″ (without quote symbols)
7) Click Yes in the Confirmation Box
2nd Alternative Instant Plant Refill for Game Of The Year (GOTY)
4a) Find this address: 00491E55. It will show this value: 7E 14 (JLE Command)
4b) Double click the address to replace the value with: 7F 14 (JG Command)
Note: Change the letter JLE to JG and Click OK

Infinity Sunshine

0) Follow steps above for Attaching Cheat Engine to PVZ
1) Search the current sunshine amount you have.
2) Enter that amount into the textbox (below New Scan button)
3) Click “New Scan”
4) Spend some sunshine by planting a plant on the field.
5) Look for the new sunshine amount you have.
6) Enter the new amount into the textbox again.
7) Click “Next Scan”
8 ) On the left list, you will find 1 or a few results.
9) Repeat step 4 to 7 to narrow down your results.
10) Double click on the result from the left list.
11) The result that you selected will be placed on the bottom.
12) Double click on the value category of the result you picked.
13) Change the value to 9000
14) Click OK
15) Click on the checkbox located on the left to Freeze it.
2nd Alternative for Infinite Sunshine for GOTY Version
1. Find this address 0041E844
2. Replace this value: 2B F3 (SUB ESI,EBX) with this: 29 F3 (SUB EBX,ESI)

Infinity Money / Coins

0) Similar to Infinity Sunshine
1) However, enter the current money after dividing by 10.
For example:
If you have $9150 money, divide it by 10.
The result would be 915.
Enter this value into Cheat Engine instead of 9150.

Zen Garden Item Hack

Once you have the zen garden you can buy
fertilizer, bug spray, chocolate and tree food.
All these values are added with a 1000.
So if you have 3 fertilizers you will have to look for
1003 (4 bytes) and then you will find the fertilizer
(use 1 fertilizer and you will only see 1 value decrease to 1002).

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