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Plants vs. Zombies all versions ?

I have checked the cob cannon and it was easy to find the reload time for it. The timer is decreasing from 3000 and if it reaches 0, You can fire the cannon. It wasn't hard to find the code which is writing to the timer value:

00466C69 - 89 47 54 - mov [edi+54],eax

I have checked if this code is working for the chomper "reload" time too, and it has worked. Actually this code is used for every plants which has some kind of "reload" time, including the Potato mine, Magnet shrooms for example.

I tried to just alter eax before the code line and the game crashed so I have checked out the area of the code. It looks like this:

00466C61 - 8b 47 54 - mov eax,[edi+54]
00466C64 - 85 c0 - test eax,eax
00466C66 - 7e 04 - jle 00466c6c
00466C68 - 48 - dec eax
00466C69 - 89 47 54 - mov [edi+54],eax
00466C6C - 8b 0f - mov ecx,[edi]

Obviously, "mov eax,[edi+54]" is reading the timer, then the value will be checked to see if it should be decreased further. If it should be decreased, "dec eax" will decrease the timer by one and then "mov [edi+54],eax" will put it back to the memory address of the timer.
I have written my code to change the timer to 0 before the program is reading it, so it will automatically jump to the code which should come when the plant is recharged. So the result is:

newmem: //this is allocated memory, you have read,write,execute access
mov [edi+54],0
mov eax,[edi+54]

//mov eax,[edi+54]
test eax,eax

This script will give instant reload to every plant which has some kind of reload time, but it will not give rapid fire or similar to normal shooting plants.

I have added it to my table for the game of the year version and I have left the codes I mentioned in the list so You can check it out.


 Filename:  PlantsVsZombies_v1201073_2.CT
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Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies

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