Selasa, 24 April 2012

Expert Hint: Walnut Bowling

One of the most fun mini-games in Plants vs. Zombies is walnut bowling.  These tips will help you survive and rack up tons of points with walnut bowling.
  • Learn the number of walnuts required to kill each type of zombie.. One nut will take down regular zombies, three are needed for bucket zombies, and all others will take two walnuts to kill.
  • Don’t lose any lawnmowers. Each lawnmower will yield you $250.
  • Multiple zombie strikes with the same walnut will generate bonus coins. Always fire at the lead zombie in order to maximize the chance of ricochet hits.
  • You will get the most ricochet point by waiting till the lawn is full of zombies. It will be tempting to fire your walnuts early, but patience will pay off. Hold off until the lead zombies are approaching your mowers to begin firing walnuts.
  • You can kill pole vaulting zombies with an exploding walnut if it detonates on an adjacent zombie, but you cannot kill a pole vaulting zombie by rolling an exploding walnut directly at it.
  • Don’t use your exploding nuts unless you are in trouble. These are great for bailing you out of a tight spot, and you will lose points by using them too early.

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